Need Help Configuring Static NAT and Access List

I am trying to learn how to configure an ASA5505. I have written one access-list and one static NAT statement but I cannot get packets from outside to the host on the dmz.

The ip address on the outside interface is The ip address on the dmz interface is

To test I have one host, connected to the outside interface and a second host, connected to the dmz interface. I am running a utility called Attacker on the host in the dmz that is listening on port 110. To test I just telnet from the outside host to port 110 on the host in the dmz. So far I have been unsuccessful.

Here are my access-list and its grouping to the outside interface and my static NAT statement Am I missing something? Do I have to add to the outside interface as a virtual ip address like some firewalls or does the static nat accomplish this?

access-list OutsideToDmz extended permit tcp any host eq pop3

access-group OutsideToDmz in interface outside

static (outside,dmz) netmask

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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I think it is static(dmz,outside) 192.168,20.134 netmask
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Actually it's

static (dmz,outside) netmask

static (real,fake) fake real netmask

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Thanks. That finally worked. Jeeesh! These docs are difficult to interpret. They seem to always use weird examples rather than straight forward basic ones.

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