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Can the ASA 5510 be somehow configured to use two internet gateways on its outside interface? I want to have a portion of the inside clients use one pipe and the rest the other since I have two independent T1's. If not, how else can this be accomplished?


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You would have to figure out how to do source-based routing. I don't know how easy that would be; it couldn't be done in the old PIX 5/6 series, and if I remember my reading correctly it couldn't be done in PIX 7.0, but I have not followed up on the

7.1 or later features.

I believe what you would want in order to do this would be multiple security contexts -- but security contexts are not supported on the 5510.

What you -can- do on the ASA would be to NAT the different groups into different source IP ranges as they exit the ASA. You must have some kind of router "in front of" the ASA already in order to handle the T1 interfaces; if you can do source-based routing on that router than the problem would then be solved.

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