Linksys SFE2000P - not really a Cisco

This little beastie has a very Cisco-esqe CLI, and after googling a few of the commands, I noticed that it is in fact identical to a Dell Powerconnect 3324 [amongst others], but not identical to IOS. So, are Dell re-badging Linksys? Linksys re-badging Dell? Or Linksys and Dell both using the same ODM? Seems unlikely. Surely Linksys would be using Cisco's in-house experience rather than going out to an ODM like Marvell?

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Linksys is all on their own. I haven't seen much if any cross over from classic cisco to linksys and vice-versa. To me, it seems that Cisco bought linksys purely to get their name more well known in consumer gear that is likely stocked at BestBuy and not much more..

I've heard from elsewhere that HP designs/OEMs the insides of the Dell switches. The CLI in the Dell is different than the HP. Both of their feature sets are very simular, but then again, most switches in that class are very close as well.

Linksys had their own design department before the aquisition and I'd imagine that it continues to be self-sufficient outside of Cisco.

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Doug McIntyre

I suppose if you're turning over ~$30B a year, then saving a few million here and there on "synergies" isn't worth the effort.

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