IOS and destination NAT


Here is a brief description of my problem:

I am trying to do destination-NAT using a cisco-router running IOS


Interfaces: Interface FastEthernet0/1: public IP / ip nat outside

Interface FastEthernet0/0.1-0.X: public IPs / no nat

Interface Tunnel0: private IP - connection to private ip-networks / ip nat inside

At the moment the device is using NAT (SNAT) for the private IP-networks: ip nat inside source list NATList interface FastEthernet0/1 overload ip access-list extended NATList permit ip any

permit ip any

permit ip any

permit ip any

permit ip any

... !

In addition I like to configuer now a Destination-NAT for some IPs connected at the moment via Fa0/0.Y to be forwarded somewhere into the private IP-Space, lets say: all traffic targeting public.ip.dnat.1 has to be forwarded to and all traffic originating from has to be NATed to public.ip.dnat.1.

I tried a lot - but gave me no usable results (for my understanding I need something like 'ip nat outside destination static ....' but ... you know thats not there ;-) I can do something like portforwarding - but no complete redirection

Maybe someone of you can help me untie the gordian knot in the head of a poor autodidact.

Thank you Best regards Klaus

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Klaus Zerwes
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Let me guess... DNS resolves to the external IP for something like a web or email server, but you need the NATed IP to be accessible to internal clients?

If so, I've already asked the question at

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Perhaps someone can help us out of this bind (no pun intended, if you've read that other thread).

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Nope ;-) I did not wrote about DNS. I simply have problems setting up a DNAT.

I tried something like: ip nat inside source static public.ip.dnat.1 ip nat outside source static public.ip.dnat.1 and other curios stuff

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