Inexpensive GigE Copper Switch

I need 6 ports of gigabit ethernet over copper. What's the cheapest Cisco solution? (My boss doesn't like to buy used gear but I may be able to persuade him to let me purchase this from eBay to save a lot of money.)

I need a managed switch but can you suggest some other options if I give up IOS and go with another vendor?

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The wise enlightened me with:

For simple layer2 work, I'd say: go with HP Procurve. Decent CLI, decent prices. if you want it to do anything complex: stick to other stuff :-) (just my 5 eurocent)


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Mark Huizer

Thats just about the perfect match to Cisco's cheapest catalyst switch, the WS-C2960G-8TC-L $1395 list (which nobody pays, but its a base start, looks like some really deap discounts for this one).

8-ports of copper GigE on a managed layer-2 switch. They also have a 24-port and 48-port in this series, a bit cheaper per-port cost, but still up there ($137/$124).

If you need to go cheaper, Cisco Small-Business (ie. linksys moving up into the Cisco name product line), has the SRW2008 for alot less. This one is going to be "web managed", but I don't know what your definition of managed is. In general, web managed doesn't have SNMP, but I haven't used this one (but have other vendors "web managed" ones).

I like the Dell switches for cheap, managed gig switches. They OEM them from somewhere, but they've been pretty solid for us overall.

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Doug McIntyre

I've found the web interfaces on SRW2xxx to be seriously unimpressive: ugly, clunky and IE-only. Not impressive for a switch made in 2010.

Marvell I reckon, same place that the CSB SFE2xxx switches come from [check the CLI, it's identical].

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