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We have recently installed a second internet connection and I'm in the process of planning our move from the old to the new circuit. We'd like to host websites on both connections but I see a problem with our internal servers replying out the same path the request came through because of default routes in our internal network.

Is this possible to do? Using route-maps or something?

#Network diagram#

x.x.x.x/24 --- Pix (static public/private entries) --- Internal Network | y.y.y.y/24 --- Pix (static public/private entries) ---



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Your internal servers can definitely respond to both addresses but will only send replies one direction.

You would just set two IPs on your server, but only one default gateway will be used.

This creates a slight imbalance (both interfaces receive but only one transmits back out), but it sounds like it may just be temporary setup anyway and this should not be a problem.

One thing to keep in mind though is that some ISPs will block traffic that does not originate from a block you "own" through them. In other words if you have and your outbound traffic is addressed with a source on the ISP may block it. This prevents spoofing. You should ask your ISP whether you can transmit traffic from a netblock belonging to another provider. A lot of times, they can open a hole for you for just the one netblock.

Best of luck


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