DNS, NAT and ASA5510

I'm setting up an ASA5510 with 1 public IP address on the outside interface. I've currently got all the internal hosts NATing out and I have several ports on the outside interface forwarding to specific hosts on the internal network. All this is working. I am currently trying to setup DNS rewrites. I have most of it working, but am having difficulties with some of it.

Here's my current setup:

Outside Interface: Assigned

Internal Interface: Assigned

Web server: Assigned

FTP server: Assigned

DNS server: Assigned DNS A record

formatting link
points to DNS A record ftp.somedomain.com points to

The web server, ftp server and DNS server are on the internal network

I have successfully issued this command: static (outside, inside) netmask dns

From a client on the outside network, a DNS query for

formatting link
returns as desired.

I would like a DNS query for ftp.somedomain.com to return the same address, but when I issued this command:

static (outside, inside) netmask dns

I get an error stating that there is a duplicate of an existing static.

How can I get DNS rewrite to modify to different internal IP addresses to the same outside address?

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