Connecting to two ISPs (Split configuration on one Router)


I want to set up a split configuration to send data to two different ISP's from one Cisco router. I have four Ethernet ports, one each to ISP1 and ISP2, the other interfaces are for 2 different network subnets from ISP1 and ISP2. Users that from ISP1 subnet must use ISP1 and users from ISP2 subnet have to use ISP2.

There is one problem in this config that I cannot split the default route

ip route x.x.x.x

Is there a way to make a route based on the source address so I can split the traffic to the correct interface to the ISPs

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use policy-based routing

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You need to use Route-map command for the Policy based routing. Route-maps can be used to check the source IP and Route the packet according to that.

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