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Can anyone help e troubleshoot a Cisco LWAPP issue?

I have a collection of Cisco WLC4404s on my network and I have groups of CIsco LWAPP access points associated with them ranging from 4 - 42 depending on the controller. I am seeing the access points "drop off" the network from time to time and in some areas it is happening every few minutes. The access points lose connectivity with the controller, fail and when they reboot they associate with the correct controller again and the cycle starts all over again. From the controllers log and cli I get no useful information but from the access point console I get errors indicating that the Ethernet que is overloaded and the ap cannot forward any more traffic out of the interface. I imagine this is why the AP stops talking to the controller but I am trying to figure out what is causing this to happen. I am fairly new to wireless networking and could use any assistance available. If there is a better group to post to for this type of issue please let me know.

Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have a solution? Can someone provide a link or some help with troubleshooting the wireless side of this as I suspect it could be malicious clients int he area but I am not sure how to isolate that. Additionally this issue is happening in geographically disperse areas and the code on the controllers is not the same but the issue happens regardless.


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The APs send keepalives to their WLCs; if there is a network path outage as brief as 7 seconds, between the AP and the WLC, then the AP may reset and try to rejoin.

It sounds like this "Ethernet que is overloaded" condition, whatever that may be, is associated with your problem.

I would recommend that you open a Cisco TAC case and/or raise this issue in (to which I've set this thread's Followup-to header.)

Some possibly relevant points:

what code version are you running on your WLCs? Note that we have had a couple of bugs that may present a problem like this:

CSCse64027 Access points disconnect after 120 hours with security processing failed (each AP will reboot exactly every 120 hours; this problem was seen in and; it was fixed in and

CSCsc44326 WLC fails to respond to unicast ARPs to AP-manager2 interface (each AP will reboot exactly every 4 hours; this problem is generally seen if you have IOS switch/routers between the APs and WLCs that are running a version that's subject to CSCec40253; this is fixed on the WLC side via the just-released build [and will be fixed in the 4.0 branch by the "MR2" release later this year.])

What exactly do you see on the AP that tells you about this "Ethernet que is overloaded" condition? Is this seen in "show interface fastethernet0"? If so, what exactly is that output?



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Aaron Leonard


I get that message on the console of the AP and I have the issue on 2 versions of code. and My assumption is that there is something going on in the airspace that is causing the Ethernet queue to fill up but I am not to savy with troubleshooting wireless stuff. I have some tools, sniffer and spectrum analyzer, but when it comes to wireless stuff I am learning as I go.

THanks, Mike

Aar> Mike,

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