Blocking Skype?


as far as I can see there is no way to block Skype via a Pix firewall. Now there is NBAR in Cico's IOS 12.4T. I thought I blocked it but it doesn't seem to work:

Version 12.4(4)T3

class-map match-any peer2peer description "Peer-to-peer stuff" match protocol gnutella match protocol edonkey match protocol fasttrack match protocol napster match protocol kazaa2 match protocol skype match protocol bittorrent ! policy-map p2p-drop description "Drop the unwanted peer-to-peer stuff" class peer2peer drop

interface GigabitEthernet0/0 ip address no ip mroute-cache duplex auto speed auto no cdp enable service-policy input p2p-drop service-policy output p2p-drop

What is wrong here?

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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Christoph Gartmann
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Skype is an encrypted protocol that doesn't used fixed port numbers. And the authors keep changing the protocol to make it harder for firewalls to detect it.

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Matthias Scheler

UTM Devices and CISCO ASA can block it

CK Christ> Hello,

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And if you allow access to port 80/tcp (i.e web browsing) then Skype will work - see the first reference below. The second reference suggests a rather complex way to block Skype, but I'd be surprised if it's implemented in any Cisco product.


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