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We are thinking about using our public addresses - a class C (our own, first octet 198, not a part of our ISP's addresses). New to this, but after some reading, I have some concerns. We will advertise /24 - which our ISP will forward. I read that many BGP peers *filter* out the /24's to reduce routing overhead. This may introduce latency as peer defaults will be used until the route is found. True?

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If your address space is not a part of your ISP's address space, then you could get a limited connectivity in the Internet since there is no "less specific" route to your AS trough your ISP.

The OP would be right if your block was just a part of your ISP's larger block, but then it wouldn't introduce latency at all since there's no difference to router if route is more or less specific. Routing the packet lasts just the same...

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Ivan Ostreš

I think most of the ISPs that do this kind of filtering make a special exception for the "swamp" ranges that contain legacy direct assignments to individual companies. They'll generally accept blocks as small as /24 in those ranges.

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