2 ISP's one Cat 5000 switch!

A company I work for has two ISP's dumping into one switch.
I am trying to track down mysterious problems with servers being failed
by the local directors intermittently. The Directors are Cisco LDIR
So with the 2 ISP's and one switch!
I suspect this to be a problem. Am i right are there any drawbacks to this?
Obviously messy. Is this supposed to be avoided?
The rationale is that if either ISP goes down we are OK. However
suspect reasoning as now we introduce a single point of failure in the
Any Opinions?
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On 07.08.2005 07:56 Bud wrote
No, not that I'm aware of.
You may want to describe your problem in more detail. From what you wrote I can't see what's going wrong and how that may be related to your 2 ISPs.
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Arnold Nipper

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