Top 10 Tips for Cisco Routers Configuration

Hi all, Please give me your opinion in my "Top 10 Tips for Cisco Routers Configuration":

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Thank you in advance.


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Mohammed Alani
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This is useful for a CCNA level, your totaly right.

Maybe you can add two more key sequences that I use and think might intereset some people:

ESC B => Move the cursor back one word ESC F => Move the cursor forward one word

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Thank you, I will add it.

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Mohammed Alani

First, I don't quite understand #7, both reasons. I would not turn of split horizon on a frame relay interface, as I think setting up point to point sub interfaces is a better option. Also, with doing inter vlan-routing, I'm not sure why you would turn this off. Again, I would suggest sub interfaces is a better way to go.

The only time that I've ever turned off split horizon is when I had a metro ethernet setup in which not every neighbor could see every other neighbor. I hated to do it, but it seemed like my best option.

I think that turning off split horizon should be a last resort.

That said, the rest of the list looks pretty good. #10 has saved me on a few occasions :-)


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Thank you for stopping by Jim. About split horizon, lets take it a case by case, (In both cases we are talking about using sub-interfaces) First is the frame-relay. If you are connecting many remote stations to a central station, and you like the stations to know about each other and exchange routing updates, you will need to turn off split- horizon. If split-horizon remains on, when an update comes from remote- site-1 to the central site, the update will not be forwarded to other remote sites because it would be going out on the same interface it came in in the first place. This is what split-horizon forbids. The second case is the inter-vlan routing. If you have different routers lying on different VLANs and you like them to exchange updates, you will have to turn off split-horizon on the central router that is doing the inter-VLAN routing. The updates coming through the single physical interface (while in multiple logical interfaces) will not be transmitted to other VLANs (i.e., other routers) because split- horizon forbid a routing update from going out through the same interface it came in from.

And thank you again for taking the effort.

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