Super Equipment and book sale

Friends, You are in luck! You have been especially chosen to receive this one time first-come first-serve offer! It involves no Nigerian banks or multiple payments of $39.95. With great deliberation and joy, I have elected to pursue my former career slowly but surely in social work.

I need to unload some stuff quickly. That said, I want my Cisco rack to be sold in 1 piece if at all possible so as to make life much easier. In any case, you'd need to come over at mutual convenience to get the parts, preferably the entire rack. I take cash, cashier's check or preferably Paypal. The following sale is exclusive to the St. Louis, Missouri only. You would be responsible for retrieval of all merchandise! You need to provide your own dolly and means of transportation. I suggest a hernia belt, cause the rack is heavy.

The rack includes a small rack, places for up to about 8 devices, and a slanty shelf metal part (I think it is for storage). I have : Three Cisco 2912 switches Two 2620 routers with ISDN and WIC devices One 2610 router with an ISDN and WIC device One ISDN Simulator Two Transceivers Several ISDN and WIC Devices Three serial DTE/ DCE cables and many cross-over and straight-through cables. In fact, I lost count.

4 terminal (emulation) cables with easy to use USB-Serial adapters (trust me, they are life-savers), driver disks.

This equipment is all around the 12.03 IOS. I have the IOS disc, and the ISDN Simulator disc.

All this.... A mere $2000 firm. Believe me, I am taking quite the financial hit, but need to move this stuff!

Books sold separately: CCNA Quick Command book - $10.00 CCNP BCSI Quck Command book $10.00 CCNP Latest set of 4 books $90.00 I Paid $130, delivery included. Mike Myers Network + $20.00 Mike Myers A+ $15.00

Again, this stuff is priced to move. Picture me roller skating around Convergys or your street wearing a sandwich board. Scary, no?!

I would sooner sell to someone I know than on Ebay. Tell your friends! Bring a van.

Sincerely, David M. Schwartz (314) 363-8087

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