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From all those who have taken the current CCNA exam, which type of subnetting questions did you have? Does the exam focus on a particular class (Class C hopefully). Were you required to hammer out all the subnets available in a class A range? Any tips on increasing subnetting speed (memorizing powers of 2)?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Cox

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Dan Cox
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I use the 256- (number you want to increase by).

hmm, let me explain....

you want to go up in 8's? then it's 256-8 = 248

so will be

..0 ..8 ..16 ..32 etc

if you're doing it to a class b it's the same. lets try going up in 4's instead... so, 256-4 = 252

if was start at then you would get

make any sense?

I use this method pretty much entirely.

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Richard Head

when i did it was just class C

with a mask

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