Routers for VLANs

I want to setup vlan routing for a test lab at home and found that none of
the routers I have at the moment support encapsulation on the Ethernet port.
I suspect this is because they are Ethernet and not fast Ethernet?
Anyone out there who can make a suggestion to which router would be best but
I`m not after the all singing all dancing variety as I`m on a tight budget
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Get a 2610. I forgot which IOS release it started but you can do dot1q encap on the 10mbit port.
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are you sure i've read in several places you need 100mb and atleast a 2620...i have a 2610 now that does not do isl or dot1q encap. if you can check on the IOS version that will allow it let me know please!
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Larry Jones
"Larry Jones" skrev i en meddelelse news:
It has nothing to do with the speed of the interface. Get af 1721 or better (1720 will not work) in order to do 802.1q.
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Martin Kiefer It's been hashed here and at many many times.
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Hansang Bae
I still can't set the encapsulation on a FE sub int on my 1750. what IOS ver do i need?
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Larry Jones
You can't. 1720 and 1750 won't do vlan encapsulation. You need 1721, 1751 or 1760. Read the product specs on
formatting link
very carefully before you buy.
Larry J> I still can't set the encapsulation on a FE sub int on my 1750. what IOS ver
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