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I have a problem with routers Cisco IOS 2600 on simulator Routersim. I have connected 2 routers with serial interface and configured IP but when I ping from the first router to the second the response is 100% lost packets. What should I do? Why my routing table must by? I have on the first router and on the second router.

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ensure that you have set clocking on the dce side. Also make sure that you have set up the connectors correctly within boson.

int serial 0/1 description routerA encaps ppp ip addr (or 0 whatever you prefer) no shut

int serial 0/1 description routerB encaps ppp ip addr (or 0 whatever you prefer) clock rate 64000 no shut

I had some problems with Boson netsim at first, I found that if i changed the 2600 model that I was using I fixed it.

Let us know how you make out.

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Thanx it works, but I have another problem. If I connect third router to the routerA with serial0/0 and I will go to the routerB and I ping then result is ok only when I add on routerB: ip route


ip route doesn't work

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vitay is a network address. Remember can't use all 0's or all 1's for hosts


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Can you give me some correct addresses example for my routerC ( and table IP routing?

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