OSPF multiple paths and gateway of last resorts

I setup my lab routers for ospf. In which I have formed adjacencies with my main router and remote router via serial link. All routes fine, I set a gateway of last resort on my main router to the interface of my VZ FiOS router and able to get out to the internet. I setup the nat correctly on the serial and ethernet interfaces and set a gateway of last resort on my remote router to the ip address of the main router serial interface. Hence I able able to get internet access from my remote segment.

I added a second serial line connection in which I established the proper connections and have two ospf paths between my routers and all the proper adjacencies have formed. If I kill the first serial link that has the gateway of last resort set on, I still have connectivity to my routers but no internet access from the remote router.

Hence, how to I setup up my remote router so I still have internet access if the serial interface is down that the gateway of last resort static route is set for?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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you need to install the static default route in the main router, and then propagate it via OSPF.

that way the remote router will use the optimal route to the main router.

here is some backgorund to clarify it

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