I currently have the CCNA and CCDA. I want to go after the CCNP. Could somebody please give me some advice on the direction I should take. Which exam should I take first and so on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Start with BSCI unless your background is more on the switching side.

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The Man

BSCI is the one I have done, and from what I hear is the hardest. I would suggest getting that one out of the way first, but as another poster suggests, it does depend on what you do more, and also what the colleges offer at that time of the year.


Larry wrote:

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Larry yazdi:

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Thanks. Now your information is on record at CertGuard....AND you've been reported to Cisco.

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You fu©kin' idiot!!! Do you NOT know that Microsoft has a lawsuit pending against those @$$fu©kers?

Their material is illegal. Quit using it and quit trying to push it off onto other people.

-- BD MCNGP #51

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hi Larry: hope my experience will help you i've finished CCNP and CCIE R&S written exam, and preparing for R&S lab in my opinion , i think CCNP is the most important step in my network and cisco study no doubt that Route and Switch is the most fundamental part in everything~ so you must grasp BSCI and BCMSN very very very well my suggestion is

1.skim all the four course quickly, get a overall imagine in your mind of what you are and you will learning

2.dig in BSCI ,after that, BCMSN, try your best to finish every experiment in your book, it's very important, if you don't have the equipment , i strongly suggest the Cisco 7200 Simulator

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, it's a real simulator that you can treat it as you have the whole lab suite.

3.DO NOT take anyting as the former reply suggest "testking" and so on it do no good to your study is the best reference .

sorry about my poor english because i'm not a native speaker, if you still have any question, i'd like to discuss anything about cisco or network with you :) good luck~

by Le> I currently have the CCNA and CCDA. I want to go after the CCNP. Could

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