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I have been at a CCNA Boot camp and have just passed my Intro (83.3%). I have also taken my ICND (640-811), but failed that (65%). I was unable to complete the config scenario and that obviously goes a long way the the final mark. I have a Boson emulator, but although the labs are good and informative, they don't really reflect exam scenarios, or real life, I.E. Config scenario - setup path across multiple routers to enable you telnet into a switch 4 or 5 hops away, or, trouble shooting

- here is a broken network, fix it!

Are there any scenario emulators available? Are there additional packs that can be added to a Boson emulator?


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Buy some 2500 series routers and a couple switches. 2514 dual ethernet routers have been dirt cheap on Ebay lately.

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Joe Bfstplk

Buy some 2500 series routers and a couple switches. 2514 dual ethernet



Also look into using the 7200 emulator as opposed to buying real routers.

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The labs are ok for understanding the course material, but if you really don't want to buy real routers and switches, the next best thing is to create your own networks on Boson with a bunch of routers and switches. You're bound to make mistakes along the way and this is good troubleshooting as opposed to following the step by step instructions on the labs.

But, to be quite honest, you're better off buying real kit. Sims can only go so far.

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