Anybody having used Freesco or Zebra for CCNA "training"?

I am looking into starting to learn stuff for the CCNA, but I am in no position to buy hardware. I was wondering if anybody has used Freesco

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and/or Zebra
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for parts of simulation and commands for Cisco IOS. On the same subject - are there any other *nix-based, free equivalents of Cisco's IOS - at least for training purposes?


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If you're running the 'nix, Zebra is the way to go. I used it a while ago and felt right at home.

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Zebra is a very nice package. Thats a fackt. But if you will use it only to learn cisco, you might be in for a big surprice sins a lot of commands are not the same despite it looks very familiar. I started with the idea of cheap solutions too, but i did bought my first cisco on ebay for only 20 bucks or so, then i bought some more ... en more ... and i must say, ... only the real thing can learn you all in's and out's I personaly consider having at least one real cisco as a minimum requirement. despite you cant do much with it in terms of connecting to others, you can browse into the commandtree, do tftp things, password recovery .... The better is to have 3 to build real labs (the 2500 series can be found on ebay around +/- 50 euros each) A good simulator (like boson) can help you to learn complex setups too in case you would only have 1 router. To make it complete, if you have only one router, you can still connect it to a linux box to learn RIP and OSPF with Zebra (not IGRP or EIGRP)

If you want to be good, then you have to pay a price (not ment to be rude)

Good luck matt

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I deliberately avoided using Zebra while studying for my CCNA because the commands were very similar, but not the same. Now that I am ready to start on my CCNP, I am planning for a bigger labs using more routers. I will probably be using a half dozen older PCs running Zebra, in addition to the


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