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The Faq has been posted.
Changes To Cisco:-
(email 30th September 2004)
>Cisco is pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2004, passing any
>CCIE written exam will recertify any associate-level, professional-level
>and Cisco Qualified Specialist certification. The policy to have CCIE
>written exams count towards recertifying other certifications will offer
>candidates the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning while ensuring that
>existing certifications remain current. Besides adding the CCIE written
>exam option, some other recent updates to the recertification policy >include:
>Candidates can now recertify the CCNP and/or CCDP certification, either by
>passing the 642-891 Composite exam, or by passing both the 642-801 BSCI
>and 642-811 BCMSN exams, or by passing a CCIE written exam.
>Candidates can now recertify the CCIP certification, either by passing the
>642-691 BGP+MPLS exam, or by passing both the 642-661 BGP and 642-611 MPLS
>exams, or by passing a CCIE written exam.
>Candidates can now recertify the CCNA and/or CCDA certification either by
>passing the current exam for that certification, or by passing any 642
>level professional or specialist exam (excluding Sales Specialist), or by
>passing a CCIE written exam.
>For more details about the recertification policy visit
formatting link
Candidates interested in
>recertification should monitor this site for ongoing news on
>recertification. For individual questions and queries, please use the
>Certifications Online Support tool at
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From: X-Eliminator
Subject: Re: NEW Certificate Verification System
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 14:25:00 -0500
Beginning May 18, 2004, the Cisco Career Certifications program offers
>two new benefits ? an electronic certificate option and an online
>verification tool. As a Cisco certified individual, you will have the
>option of receiving your certificate in a print or an electronic
>format. Both formats are recognized as valid proof of completion. And,
>certificates now include a unique identifier that can be entered into
>the new online verification tool to asses the validity of the
>You may view a sample of the new certificate on the Cisco
>Certifications Community at
formatting link
You will
>need a (CCO) login to enter the Certifications Community and
>only certified individuals have access to the Certifications
>Certificate Verification Tool
>Certificates will be uniquely numbered. This allows certified
>individuals and third parties the ability to verify authenticity of a
>certificate by simply entering the certificate verification number
>(located on the bottom left side of the certificate) into the
>Certificate Verification Tool at
formatting link
>For New Certifications
>Instructions on how to select the certificate format will be included
>in an e-mail message sent after you complete your certification. If
>you prefer an electronic certificate, you must make that selection
>within five days of receiving the notification e-mail. If you do not
>reply within five days, a printed certificate will be mailed to you.
>If you do select an electronic certificate, it will be sent as an
>e-mail attachment within three to five business days from the date
>your request is received. You will be able to print and send the
>electronic certificate to others, as desired. You may also order an
>additional electronic or printed certificate of your existing
>certifications by logging into the Certifications Tracking System and
>clicking on the Purchase Additional Kit tab.
>For those who are currently certified, note the difference between
>Verification vs. Validation
Section Two has been updated with current URLs for CCDA, CCNA, CCDP, CCNP
with some redundant material removed.
From Cisco Email 5th August 2003:-
Cisco has created a new technical information resource for Cisco Certified
>individuals that we thought you would be interested in hearing about. It's
>called the Cisco Certifications Community - a web portal designed
>exclusively for the needs and interests of certified individuals and
>available only to certified individuals. The community contains
>certification news, networking tips, discussion groups, and learning
>program information.
>The community requires a (CCO) log-in and password and is only
>accessible to individuals with valid Cisco certifications. You may visit
>the site at
formatting link
by logging in using your
> (CCO) ID and password.
>For questions about the Certifications Community, please contact our
>dedicated certifications support team at:
formatting link

Note: the CCNA exam 640-607 is being replaced as from the 30th September.
Following is a quote from an email from Cisco Press.
=> New CCNA Exam
>On June 24, 2003, Cisco Systems, Inc. announced three
>enhancements to the CCNA[r] (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
>Program, including a new two-step exam approach, revisions to
>the existing CCNA exam, and the option for candidates to apply
>one of the new exams for CCNA recertification. The CCNA 640-607
>exam will retire on September 30, 2003.
>CCNA certification candidates may either take the CCNA 640-801
>exam (available on June 30, 2003) or the INTRO 640-821 (currently
>offered as beta exam 641-821) and ICND 640-811 (available on
>June 30, 2003) exams. The new ICND exam also qualifies for
>recertification, providing a new option for CCNA certified
>The most important change is that the CCNA exam now covers the
>material of two courses, not just one. With coverage from the
>INTRO and ICND courses, CCNA candidates will need to master two
>sets of networking topics for CCNA exam success.
Please note the post regarding the email from Cisco detailing updating of
the CCNP syllabus from:-
From: X-Eliminator
Subject: CCNP Certification announcement
Cisco Systems Announces New Enhancements to the Cisco Certified
>Network Professional (CCNP) Program
>Cisco Systems, Inc. proudly announces enhancements to the Cisco
>Certified Network Professional (CCNP(R)) program by introducing
>four revised courses and exams. The updated course and exam
>content reflects a greater emphasis on topics such as security,
>converged networks, quality of service (QoS), virtual private
>networks (VPN), and broadband technologies.
>Under the new guidelines, the four courses and four exams will
> * Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) - BSCI 642-801 Exam
> (Beta Exam available # 643-801)
> *
Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN) - BCMSN
>642-811 Exam
> (Beta Exam available # 643-811)
> * Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN): BCRAN 642-821 Exam
> (Beta Exam available # 643-821)
> *
Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT): CIT 642-831 Exam
> (Beta Exam available #643-831)
I am in the process of revising the FAQ so an updated FAQ should be posted
If there are any issues please let me know.
Note the post
From: "Andy Barkl"
>Subject: FW: Latest News and Developments from Cisco
Detailing the changes to the CCDP syllabus and more importantly changes to
the re-certification of CCNAs.
Note that the Cisco site has had a major change/ update and the URLs in the
FAQ may be depreciated.
I have checked several which still work buit will check and update these as
soon as possible.
This particularly refers to section 16.2 which was a tutorial on the front
page of the old site.
Take it with a rain of salt department...
Please note that I have been notified by nrf of some slightly(!) dodgy
material in sections 211.9.x (CCIE recertification).
Until I get around to revising this section, please do not take it as
absolutely correct - refer to Cisco for definite information.
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