WaveLAN antenna connector?

I'm trying to identify a connector used with a 915MHz WaveLAN wireless access point (circa 1997). I have searched high and low, but cannot figure out what type of connector I need. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've taken the liberty of providing some visual aid! Here is a picture of the mystery connector I'm hoping to identify:

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Now, this looks suspiciously like an SMB connector. Alas, it is not. I had a custom pigtail cable made (for $38!) using an SMB connector and it is not a match. Here is a picture of the mystery connector and the SMB connector side-by-side:

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Close, but no go :( If anyone has an idea what this might be (or has some other clever idea on how to get from the access point to a RP-TNC connector) please, please let me know! And if you can cc: me via email as well, that'd be swell - I don't want to miss your response.

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Kevin Mills
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Thanks very much for your reply. I did indeed post to alt.internet.wireless and it looks like I may have to open up the AP and solder a "known" jack into place. I have been checking eBay, but have come up short.

Yes, this is a Lucent WaveLAN AP and, yes, there are some uses for it :) What I'm doing is attempting to link two sites that are less than a mile away, but are not line-of-sight with no feasible way to construct a tower. The 900 Mhz signal should do the trick... if I can just get the antennas connected!


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Lucent (or yours is still marked NCR ?) used proprietary connectors back then. They may be still available on eBay, but I'm not sure. You definitely want to re-post this question to alt.internet.wireless: very responsive crowd, you'll definitely get help there. We keep it archived here:

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You may want to search for WaveLAN, see what comes up.

Anyways, is there still some use for a non-IEEE-compliant WavePoint? ;-)

Good luck with your search.

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You may try asking in sci.electronics.components. I used to use Lucent Wavelan equipment for wireless internet access. It was the first high speed internet option available in a town I used to live in.

I have to wonder if you have tried using regular 802.11x equipment for your link. I have used 802.11b cisco equipment for linking offices miles away (using the Cisco pringles can antennas and a central whip antenna). There was not always line of sight access but we had no problems.


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