RJ45 connectors with a larger "gate"?

hello folks,

we have started purchasing CAT5e/6 and MediaTwist bulk cable for making our own patch cables. however, with some (but not all) of the CAT6 and MediaTwist cable we find it very hard to correctly terminate the RJ45 modular plug because the entrance/gate to the plug is a little narrow for the thicker cabling. this makes it hard to push all the way into the jack and results in poorer connections.

can anyone suggest a RJ45 modular plug that might have a bigger cable enterance to better accommodate thicker ethernet cable? i searched around the web/usenet, but alas i didn't find anything specific to my problem.

we are currently using a MilesTek crimper and Ideal Industries RJ45 plugs.

any info would be appreciated.

take care, alex

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I can't really understand why you are wasting the time and effort to make patch cables by hand. Factory made patch cables are available in bulk for as little as $2.50 for some of the more inexpensive ones. If you figure the cost of the connectors, the cable and finally the labor involved in making a 1 meter cable, it is probably more than the cost of a bulk purchased cable.

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Justin Time

L-Com used to have a bunch of different options for square versus rounded cable entrances to the plug, you might try them...

Look for "Radiused Cable Entrance", though they aren't Cat-n rated, they might be able to find something that is, looks like they get the Raduised stuff and their CAT6 stuff from Stewart Connector.

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William P.N. Smith

Hi Alex,

You sound like you are opening a business of making patch cords ;-). If that's the case, I suggest that you get one of those AMP/Tyco motorized crimpers, and while talking to the sales person, have them give all the info you need about the compatible plugs.

If this is just an occasional patch cord making, I would suggest that you skip doing that and buy factory-made ones. These are REALLY cheap these days. A one-minute search on the Internet will yield dozens places where you can buy them for cheap with reasonable quality.

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hi all,

thanks for all your suggestions and info; much appreciated. i have found the L-com plugs that were mentioned and it looks like one of the varieties might just do the trick.

as far as pre-made patch cables go...that is what we buy 95% of the time, but in certain situations we need the cable to be exactly the right length usually due to space considerations. moreover, sometimes we need 50'+ cables, and those are typically not so cheap.

anyway, thanks again.

take care, alex

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Not to mention that commercial cables are far more reliable than homemade ones.

-Larry Jones

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