Finding Side Jobs?

Where are some of you experienced techs finding side jobs? I need to get some side work for extra money, but having a hard time finding. Any suggestions for an experienced, yet young tech???

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If you as a good honest worker have established good rapport with your customers (your primary employer's customers, actually), you may find out that they need some work done in areas that your employer company does not offer. For example: it might be the case that your primary employer does not offer removal of abandoned cable as a service and you might just know your customer's facility in and out to be The Right Guy to do just that job on weekends. This is just one example and there could be plenty other things that you can possibly do for the existing customer WITHOUT crossing the conflict of interests line. Just be careful though. If your employer is open minded enough, it's better to ask them if they are OK with what you would like to do for THEIR customer.

Another point to consider: while doing the extra work you will not be covered by your primary employers worker's comp insurance.

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