Advise on big fibre problem


I am currently trying to upgrade a site from old hubs to new switches, there is interconnecting sc and st fibre between the different buildings. The backbone switch I installed was a 3750 with 4 LC SFP's. The buildings that had ST interpatching worked fine on the new switch but the buildings that had SC fibre interpatching wouldn't work at all.

The following is an example that worked, from the backbone 3750 it starts: LC - ST, then to the local 2950sx switch the fibre is ST - MTRJ ....worked fine...

The following is an example that didn't work, from backbone 3750 it starts: LC - SC, then to the local 2950 sx switch the fibre is SC - MT RJ..wouldn't work..

Is there something I'm not doing?

I really do apprecitate any help on this.

Thanks in advance Paul

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John Smith
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