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Hi, I am running 2 switches in my network right now configured like this:

Cable Modem---------HP ProCurve 2524 24 PortsHP ProCurve 2626 26 Ports-------Cisco PIX 506e Firewall -------- Cisco 2621 Router

The cable modem is connected to port 1 of the 2524. I have currently 4 VLANs configured on the switches, 1 is for the Cable ISP, 1 is for my internal LAN, and another for a wireless bridge, and another for the DMZ. Both of the switches are running VLANs through GVRP, and periodically advertises CDP announcements. Now I am wondering if it is possible that if another node on my cable network can hook up a simular switch to their modem and then pickup the GVRP VLAN advertisments and be able to access my VLANs? I noticed that the cable HFC is something like or something.

The 2626 switch is located in the networking room and the internet ip is brough to the cisco pix through the fiber since the networking room does not have a cable jack.


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