COX SMTP Just Stopped Working

So, I've almost gotten used to using the Cox SMTP as the sole outgoing server for my accounts, until two days ago--when it just STOPPED connecting to I have been unable to send anything at all through the server (have had to resort to web-based) and it is more than a little frustrating. Anybody else dealing with this? Any ideas? I'd assume if the company was to restrict any other SMTP's, that at least theirs would WORK! Any posted responses would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Jeffrey W.

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Based on all the information about your operating system and application used to connect to the server that you failed to provide, I would say anyting would just be SWAGs.

I am a Comcast customer.

If I was you, I would try sending an email to my cox email account through an email client like mozilla using

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You need to call COX's tech support...

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