Bittorrent shaping even with encryption

Hi, i want to know if this is possible.

Our isp monitors our bandwidth use, and if one exceeds 7GB in a month, they change your subnet to a 200.8.x.x/23

Bittorrent doesn't work, when it kind of works speed is less than

1kb/s, and connections get reset randomly, bringing irc, msn and java chats down.

However, http downloads work at full speed.

My question is, how do they know i am using bittorrent, if i am using encryption? Are they just looking for HTTP headers, and failing to find them, think i am using torrents?

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Seguros Catatumbo
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Because Bittorrent uses other ports besides port 80, the default for http. Encryption only covers the payload of a packet, not its source, destination, and other useful details.

If you want more bandwidth, pay for it.


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Gene S. Berkowitz

From whatever BT client you use, change the default port from 6881 to some arbitrary port like 16721. Then, enable encrypted downloads only. This might help.

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I'm paying for an "unlimited" plan. There is no mention even in the small letter that if i exceed certaint amount, i will be capped.

In countries like yours, you would be able to sue. In countries like mine, you are stuck.

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Seguros Catatumbo

Fortunately your country doesn't have a different definition of "capped".

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