Need help chasing interference

We have started having interference problems at night...

Our phase coupler shows no problems MOST of the day...

Somewhere arround 9pm till about 10am it is showing 'ERROR" when it recieves a transmission, so it doesn't get relayed, which means about half of our devices stop behaving.

I thought it might be our Yard lights, which are an old mechanical timer, but I tested that idea...nope, still getting problems with them off.

I have a powerflash module, and a small X10 signal strength meter, but am a bit fuzzy on how to use them to chase the problem.

I have tried to think of all the things that get turned on at night, but one by one they have been eliminated.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Bob Sisson
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I'm not sure if this will help or not, but if you have a computer interface module (either a CM11A, CM19A or CM15A) you could try downloading the demo of Home Domination

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and run it for a while. This will produce a log of all the codes it receives. Perhaps examining the log may give you some clues. It's possible a neighbor has some X10 activity going on around that time and perhaps you're experiencing collisions. If you see some unfamiliar house codes around then, I would expect that may be the case. Or if it is the same house code, then perhaps picking a different house code may solve things.

Home Domination is free for 30 days. Good luck!

Harry Strand StrandControl, LLC

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It took a while, but we found it !

It was our COPIER.

We are lucky in that we got a Monster Big intustrial Copier for a song...

A Cannon GP200 with sorter/feeder etc...

With it turned on my Signal strentgth was HALF of what it was with it turned off, and not enough to trigger the repeater/phase-thingy.

We have ordered a X10 filter/blocker that is supposed to keep things from sucking X10 signals into a black hole.

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Bob Sisson

I'm guessing that it's going to need a 15A filter. I'd recommend the ACT filter. Yup, a copier is like laser printer (or vice-versa).

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