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NAPCO GEM-3200 (OLD 1st Generation Panel) Home Automation Firmware Compatability
I have a very old NAPCO GEM-3200 panel with "V10A" and can not do Home Automation. I bought the GEM-AUTOMATION kit and came with "V40C". "V40C" does not work in my very old GEM-3200 panel. I think the...
Smart home on Twitter
A project to expose our smart home and some of what it can do on Twitter: Rob Dream Green House - Stylish and environmental friendly products, services and technologies for designing & building your...
Home Automation
Z-Wave Home Automation offers a global standards for interoperable products enabling for smart can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security.
Home Intercom Retrofit
I recently moved into a home with an old M&S Model 350 intercom. The Speakers all seem to work ok, but the master unit is in bad shape. It doesn't turn off the program/set time buttons do not work. I...
Emerson SW375 Ceiling Fan Receiver Programming
KEYWORDS: Emerson, AirDesign, SW375, SW330, SW350, program, programming, deprogram, deprogramming, code, learn, learning, codelearn, codelearning I just received this information from Emerson's...
activehome pro
Hi, I can not get my active home pro to perform any programmed events. All I can do is activate the units from the screen manually. I can not seem to get level 2 tech help from x10. Help me if you can...