Verizon Launches 5G Lab for First Responders [telecom]

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In 2019, the lab will give 15 different innovators the tools they need
to develop public safety solutions using 5G wireless networks.

by Phil Goldstein

Wireless carriers have started to deploy 5G wireless networks and will
continue to do so in pockets throughout 2019 as they move to broadly
cover the country over the new few years. Verizon is aiming to use 5G
to help not just consumers but first responders as well.

Earlier this month, the company announced a partnership with Responder
Corp to create a 5G First Responder Lab. The lab will serve as an
incubator and testing ground for innovative technologies that use 5G
and can be deployed for public safety use cases. Verizon says that it
will then "deliver those solutions to public safety agencies
throughout the country."

Bill Horne
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