Verizon building causing power outages in Lynbrook LI [telecom]

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By Michael Smollins

Many business owners near Merrick Road in Lynbrook have complained
about power outages in the area that were caused by the Verizon
services communication building on Washington Avenue.

"It's disruptive to business," said Jeffrey Greenfield, a partner at
the NGL Insurance Group at 112 Merrick Road, of the outages. "We're in
the customer service business. Our computers went down, our phones
went down. It takes time to get reestablished, so virtually every time
it goes down it puts us out of business.",108675

Bill Horne
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Re: Verizon building causing power outages in Lynbrook LI [telecom]
On Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 10:56:32 AM UTC-4, Bill Horne wrote:
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The article is from a newspaper and is rather vague as to
the cause.  It seems strange that a customer could do something
to the electric grid and foul up other customers.  

The power company seems to blame Verizon, but maybe it is really
their fault?  I'm not sure Long Island has a very good power
company.  They used to have LILCO which had problems.

As a computer user, when I get an intermittent power outage
at home--which are too frequent--it is disruptive to me.  At
work it was a real pain.

But in the reality of today's heavy dependence on electronics
(computers and other devices), I wonder if commercial users  
should have some UPS protection against the intermittent
disruptions and surges.  They would also provide for an orderly
shutdown in case the outage is more than brief.

Sadly, these days, many home owners are buying rather expensive
backup generators for their entire home due to frequent and
extended power outages.  In my opinion, it is ridiculous that
people have to do this (and people who live in apartments are
screwed).  We really need to take a hard look at the electric
utility situation and improve its low reliability.

In my opinion, recent efforts at 'deregulation' or other  
power reforms only made things worse for ordinary consumers.

Telephone note:  I am bombarded at home with calls from
alternative energy suppliers.  Many of these calls are
clearly fraudulent scams.

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