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The co. I sub to has now decided that their  installers must add vacuflo
with all rough-ins, on top of structured wire, alarm and audio.

I did my first today. Its a time consuming task. .   Not to mention all the
extra gear I need to carry in my already overloaded van, the glue spewing
down my arm, and the 50 dollar auger bits.  The bottom line is theres very
little money in it, having made just 20 bucks for an extra 2 hrs work to do
three runs.

I cant figure out what a high-tech, structured wire/audio/alarm/automation,
company is doing in the vac business?

Does anyone have any positive vacuflo stories?

Re: Vacuflo (vent)
JOhn wrote:
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Central Vac can be time-consuming, but it's not difficult. You'll get
quicker as you do it more, and you become more efficient. The bits are
expensive, and you'll quickly learn where best not to drill to avoid nails.
(I sharpen my own, and still have the original bits I bought in 1987.) As
far as profit goes, you won't make much subbing for someone else unless you
get them to pay you what you're worth. Why not just go out after your own
work? I have done some subcontracting for different alarmcos, and found that
I did the work, while they made the profit. No thanks.

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It's a natural add-on, and builders like one-stop shopping.

Re: Vacuflo (vent)
You'll never make any money subbing especially if it's a pre-plumb vac job.
Whomever you're subbing for *may* make some money - but not likely. I've never,
nor will I ever do a pre-plumb for vac. Why?.. so someone else can slap a motor
and a few inlets in in an hour while I bust my butt for 7-10 hrs to ruff

I'm doing a rough in tomorrow for a full install 6 inlets...and I'll make a nice
profit...even having to pay a helper dood.

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