Total Human Ear Surround Sound proposal.

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My idea of human ear surround sound would be a room with floor speakers
arranged thusly:

|      |
LC    RC
|      |
LR-CR-RR --SW (somewhere in the box.

Now here's my future vision. Take the above speaker placement and place
another set of speakers (except the SW) arranged in the same fashion on
the cieling.

16.1 "Human Ear Surround Sound"

Hear helicopters taking off from below you to overhead and away, people
screaming as they fall from rooftops far above to their death at your
feet, hear yourself following "our hero" as he climbs the stairs as
bullets come from all angles, all around you.

As the human ear hears the real world.

Music surround would be just as awesome.

Give the film and music and other related industries nightmares!

And to think it all began with monaural. What's taking so long? ;)

DOLBY, could you get to work on it, by the end of the year?

Andy Burns

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