Toshiba 62" DLP TV / bad lamps -- bad customer service

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I like the hdtv picture overall. Beware Toshiba, however.  The lamp
life was too short.  When I ordered a $199.95 replacement and paid
extra for 2 day shipping, the lamp didn't come for a week.  When I
called Toshiba, they explained that I ordered after 2:00 p.m. on a
Friday, and they don't ship on the weekend.  When I explained that this
still didn't explain why 2 day shipping took a week, they explained
that "address verification" took some time and that I received it 2
days after they finally shipped it.

The bottom line is: 1) the lamp life is short; 2) the replacement cost
is expensive; 3) you will be without your tv for a week even when you
pay for faster shipping; and 4) Toshiba customer service is poor.

Toshiba BAD Customer Service
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Toshiba Does NOT care About Customer Service!

On Oct. 7, 2010 (less than two months after purchase) the systemboard for
my Toshiba Satellite laptop went bad and this standard part was ordered
the next morning. Bottom line is that the part will not even be shipped
until Nov. 19 – SIX WEEKS later!

After numerous calls, Toshiba “customer service” (misnomer) promised
that the part would be shipped on Oct. 22. Today I hear that it will now
not be shipped until No. 19 – and why should I believe that??

When I spoke with the Toshiba “customer service” office today
(1-888-800-6841 x1) they essentially said tough luck and HUNG UP on me!

Toshiba Does NOT Care About Customer Service!!

I will NEVER buy any Toshiba products again – we warned by my bad
10/27/10 wrote:

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