Selling my complete home theater!

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This is a turn key sale. everything you need to build a COOL home theater
with real ambiance. You will feel like you are really at the movies. It is
such a fun family event for my family and I to rent a movie, make some
popcorn and go downstairs to our own private theater!!!

All you need is a small 12 x 12 area or room. You can have a bigger area of
coarse, but this is a used theater my family has used for 4 years and it is
set up in a 12 x 12 room in my basement.

This is not for the hard core home theater fanatic. This equipment is very
adequate but it is not the top of the line "monster" type equipment that
cost 10's of thousands of dollars. This is perfect setup for an every day
Joe such as myself that loves to watch movies and sports.

1 x Sony RGB Projector (Model VPH-1252Q).

1 x DVDO Projector Line Doubler (Scan Plus Model MM101A).

3 x Bose Cube Speakers w/ 1 sub woofer & 2 rear speakers.

10 x Authentic Theater Seats.

1 x Authentic Popcorn Maker.

2 x Movie Poster Light Boxes.

1 x Da-Lite Movie Theater Screen (79" x 48") w/ Frame for Wall Mount.

1 x (12'x12' room) Black Drop Ceiling (4x4 Tiles) (Includes black recessed

Pioneer Surround Sound Stereo (Model VSX D7025).

3 x Red Theater Drapes for Screen and Doors.

DVD player.

The price for this complete set-up ONLY $2,500.00.

Please e-mail me for pictures. I rarely get back to the newgroup to check
replys and posts.


I am in Minnesota (23 miles south of Minneapolis) and although I might be
able to be talked into shipping this, I would really prefer this to be
picked up.


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