Question about port forwarding in windows

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I am looking for a way to forward ports on my windows box and I would like
to know if there excists any particular software to do this (or does
windows itself conclude any tools)?

I am using Zonealarm and Symantec Client Firewall.

Re: Question about port forwarding in windows

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Then you're going to have to set rules on those personal FW solutions to
open the required inbound ports. There is no port forwarding in those
solutions as those solutions are running on the machine at the machine
level and there is nothing to forward ports too. The Windows O/S, unless
you're using XP's FW or IPsec that's on the O/S and those solutions as
well would have to have rules set to open the required ports for inbound,
has nothing to do with port forwarding ports to an IP/machine that needs
the ports open. That would be in the case of a NAT router, FW appliance
or network host based FW running on a gateway computer in a LAN situation
being used where port forwarding would be done.

Duane :)

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