ISCW exam experience ...

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Anyone out there actually passed this exam?  After failing one professional
certification exam in my career (and I've taken quite a few), I've now
failed this thing twice - arg !!!!

Part of the problem is not having official Cisco Press material - it's not
the right answer that matters, but Cisco's answer that is more important :-P
But, more so, I think this is probably the hardest of the Cisco exams that
I've taken.  No simulations to work though, just mostly regular questions (a
couple multi-questions and a drag/drop), and many of the questions seem to
be somewhat obscure.  After failing the first time, I went away with a list
of objectives to study.  The questions the second time around were on
completely different subtopics, but mostly within the same categories.  I
went in feeling more confident and scored even less - go figure.

Anyway, I would say that this it the most detailed of questions I have seen
on any cert exam. MPLS was certainly much more detailed than I had
expected - both times.  Just trying to get a feel for how some other folks
have done out there with this one.


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