IPSec and routing

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I need to set up an IPSec connection between 2 router for the traffic
between 2 subnets behind. Besides, setting up the Phase 1, phase 2 including
all the ACL, transform....., how should I set the route between the subnet?
static route or eigrp? How should I set the access list to let the routing
protocol get through the IPSec?


Re: IPSec and routing
create an ipsec encrypted gre tunnel betweeen the routers in order to
exchange dynamic routing information, your ipsec-isakmp ACL will handle the
LAN to LAN traffic over the tunnel

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Re: IPSec and routing
Is that means, if I just set up the Phase 1 and phase 2 and the eigrp, but
no other things; the routing protocol will not go through. Then, the empty
routing table is not able to direct the packets to the correct hop. Am I


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Re: IPSec and routing

Yes.  IPSec is IP only, no multicast.  Since EIGRP uses multicast to
exchange routing info, it won't work. As suggested, the solution is
IPSec + GRE.


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