Cisco certifications

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Upon completing ( for the 3rd time ) my CCDA re-certification through a
leading Cisco training
partner ( whose site proudly claims to be awarded as the best within
Europe ) I reported several
conceptual discrepancies and mistakes in the official books and on-line
simulation tools I used.
On June 27th I opened a case within the site of the Certification and
training team.
Then, after MONTHS of promises and embarassing pin-pointings, on September
8th someone from Cisco officially confirmed me that my "brave" and evidently
unusual argumentations were finally
delivered to the appropriate persons in charge to handle them ( first case
worldwide ? ).
As a partner, I just wanted to provide my meek contribution to the possible
improvement of these instruments.
Cisco learning tools are equalized to any other of their hardware/software
product: I assume they are strategic not only for the dollars they generate.
Cisco exam scores are inappellable: my melancholy vicissitude shows their
arrogance towards those
( many ) people who periodically invest their personal time and money on
these training paths.
I do respect those persons much more of what Cisco does besides all the
professions of customer service and unattainable technical excellence.
For those interested, I can provide all the appropriate documental exhibits.


Stefano Brumana
Tel +39.338.5310854

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