routing demon broadband connection with a Mercury ART514CX - help!

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OK so i get my ADSL line activated and get home and connect up my new

ADSL router/modem to my microfilter thats plugged into the phone

line....and it doesnt work.

I'm with and I've configured the router exactly as it should

be, with the right VPI and VCI settings (whatever they are) and the

right encapsulation method and all that. I've tripple checked that my

ADSL login name and password are correct, and they are. and i seem to

be getting something coming through because the ADSL light on the

router is solid green and occasionally the data LED flashes.

Also i have looked at the ADSL status pages when i conenct to my router

and things seem to be happening as numbers are constantly changing, such

as the contention ratio, and some PPP connection seems to be active. it

says the ADSL line status is SHOWTIME which i guess means good. I also

tried the diagnostic certain tests pass, but when the test to ping fails, no more tests are carried out.

I have 2 PC's plugged into the routern and they can communicate with

each other fine, but as soon as i try and use something that needs the

internet, nothing happens. web browsers instantly fail to reach

websites and i cant even do a live update for Norton.

Can anyone suggest anything i might be doing wrong? im pretty sure ive

set up the router correctly and ive tripple checked everything. Demon

tech support were useless they just said "we dont support routers" and

that was that.

Ive disabled all firewalls including the one on the router itself and i

am running win XP SP2. The router in question is a Mercury ART514CX.



Re: routing demon broadband connection with a Mercury ART514CX - help!

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If you have the DSL modem plugged into the microfilter, it *won't* work
because it's not supposed to.  The DSL modem should be plugged into the
phone jack *without* a filter.

The filter is meant to be placed between the DSL line and any
telephones/faxes/answering machines that are connected to the DSL line.  The
purpose of the filter is to eliminate any interference (sounds like static)
from the DSL signal appearing in a voice conversation or fax transmissions.
Or, even a regular dial-up modem for that matter.


Re: routing demon broadband connection with a Mercury ART514CX - help!

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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Point of clarification:  Many of the microfilters have 2 jacks, one is
filtered, one is not.  The unfiltered jack is where your DSL modem should be
plugged in.  The filtered jack is for other analog devices as previously
mentioned.  If your filter has 2 jacks, make sure you have plugged the DSL
modem into the correct one.


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