Reporting a broken link to Verizon DSL, or trying to

The subject of this message is a broken link. Please scroll w--a--y down to read about it. Does anybody have any idea as to how to report this to Verizon DSL? I call up tech support and ask how to report a broken link.

Techie: What's a broken link?

Me: Is there an e-mail address or surface mail address to report a technical complaint?

Techie: Sorry, there isn't.

Me: (Gives up in disgust)


To the webmaster:

From: Thomas L. Jones, Ph.D., Computer Science

Subj: Broken link

Date: December 28, 2005

Dear Sir or Madam:

The following page has a broken hyperlink:

formatting link
Please direct your attention to the link marked,

"Edit my Web Site" on the right-hand side of the page. This links to

formatting link
This is of course a broken hyperlink, since it is the same URL as the original page. Please fix.

Please feel free to contact me at the above address.

All the best,

Thomas L. Jones, Ph.D.

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Doc Jones
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Just a couple of thoughts. Try Internet Explorer, and/or clear your cache, this might be one of those sites that's not built with compliant HTML... Also, webmaster@... usually works

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William P.N. Smith

Fair enough. By "link" you could mean a circuit. The techie has no idea how technical you are. I wondered myself when I read the subject. If you had said "a broken hyperlink on your web page", he would have had no excuse.

Fair enough. He has no idea what a "technical complaint" means to you. So how should he know where to refer you? If you had asked, "Is there an e-mail address or surface mail address to report technical problems with your web page?" you might have gotten a better answer.

You treated the techie like an idiot and he treated you like an idiot. In fairness, you each had good reason to assume so. The techie probably gets a lot of calls from idiots. And I'm sure you have a lot of experience reaching idiotic techies. But who knows, maybe it would have been more productive if you had assumed the techie knew something and he had assumed that you did.


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David Schwartz

Did you actually try ""?

It's a common convention.

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