WML Input Mask to force numeric characters

I have a web page for inputting personal expenses into a financial application. So I used

The page works just great with the Openwave V7 Simulator. But when I try accessing the page with my Nokia 6061, the phone doesn't switch to numeric-only. Having to enter abc1 for one dollar will not be acceptable. I'm so stuck on this most basic of problems, I've begun to consider writing a script to convert "a" or "b" or "c" to a "1" at the server side. Geesh.

Since my page is not a genuine xml compliant page, I wonder if anyone could refer me to a page where I could confirm that the format="N" parameter might actually work with a Nokia Series 40 phone?

In the meantime, I hope someone will take a moment and visit my page and help me understand what the heck is going on...

formatting link

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You've posted to the wrong group. This is IEEE 802.11 wireless networking, not mobile phones.

Try posting to one of the groups in the alt.cellular.* hierarchy.

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Seth Goodman

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