WDS query: WLAN throughput halved?

I have a WDS setup with v1 and v2 WRT54G routers, both running DD-WRT v23
Router 1 is the gateway to my BB connection, and router2 is the
Looking at router2's config pages, specifically Status tab > Wireless tab,
the Wireless rate is listed as 24Mbps, while on router1, this is listed as
Does the halving of the WLAN throughput apply only to the WDS node? Or am I
misunderstanding what these rates are?
Many thanks.
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Each WDS node will cut your speed in half as it has to receive and forward at the same time.
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"__spc__" hath wroth:
Those are the wireless connection rates. That's the over the air speed of the two wireless connections. It can be any rate from 1Mbit/sec to 54Mbits/sec.
Ignoring WDS for a moment, your actual thruput will be about half of the connection rate.
It's a coincidence that one rate is exactly half the other. Move the antennas around or insert an obstruction and watch the connection rates change.
Where WDS cuts the thruput in half (again) is because only one transmitter can be on the air at a time. One half the link will need to wait until the other half is done transmitting. This cuts the over the air thruput in half. So, with your 48 and 24Mbit/sec connection speeds, you'll get a thruput of 12Mbits/sec with WDS.
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Jeff Liebermann
"Jeff Liebermann" wrote in message [snip]
Thanks for that - learning more and more about this every day!
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