using linksys WRT54G as bridge and router

I have a linksys WRT54G ver. 2. I'd like to configure it to recieve its internet connection via wireless dhcp, and also broadcast wireless as well as have all four ethernet ports functional.

Basically, I would like it to work like it does out of the box except I want to get the internet via wireless instead of an ethernet connection.

Just wondering if anyone has done this, knows how to do this and/or if it is possible. I'm a newbie with this router, but I am familiar with firmware upgrades if that is necessary. I'm more interested in what the settings should be on whatever firmware is being used.


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Can't be done except as a repeater for some other access point, which is a kludge that cuts speed in half. What you need is two boxes:

  1. Wireless Ethernet client bridge, cabled to:
  2. Wireless access point (or wireless router configured as an access point)
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