To detect AP remotely

I am searching for a way that a systems administrator can locate/detect/identify unauthorized wireless access points in global (or WAN) network, including those across the oceans, even not being physically there!

One way is "war driving". However, it requires a person physically walking inside the organization or driving around the organization's campus with a "war driving" software.

Can one use a packet sniffer to find out APs? But it may be "blocked" by VLANs.

Any advice / pointers are appreciated.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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Doug Fox
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"blocked" by

Probably a WLAN switch that does Rogue detection, there are ones for brand office sizes up to corporate. I would suggest having one at each remote location. One such switch is Bluesocket but there are others. There are also APs that work in WLAN monitor mode and do nothng but monitor the airwaves. Just search google for "Rogue detection": and Im sure you will find more that you ever wanted to know.

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