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Just out of interest. The other channels that are not used in North America but are allocated elsewhere in the world - such as channel 14. For what purpose in the US is this spectrum allocated to ?

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" snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com" hath wroth:

Why? Were you planning to use these channels? If so, kindly turn yourself in to the Radio Police for re-education.

Going to the source:

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page 36 and 37.

2483.5-2500 MOBILE-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) RADIODETERMINATION-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth)

It's currently one of the downlinks for Globalstar satellite phones. It's not all being used by Globalstar at this time and others are trying to grab it for things like Broadcast Radio Service (XM and Serius).

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that the proposal does not even mention Wi-Fi. If accepted, Wi-Fi may find itself with a very high power broadcast neighbor in the US.

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