Odd behaviour since Netgear 834GT

Dear Experts - my reliable system, MSIK4, Athlon 2600, 512RAM, XP Pro,

2x80Gb Maxtors has started to display a few foibles since I installed a wireless network. If anyone has any pointers, I would be gratefull to receive them! Oddities include... Running Checkdisk at every startup but only on Drive D: Screen freezes when downloading streaming video (usually French news, Your Honour!) also BBC ClickonLine but not BBC "News" videos Very slow running when loading any media players.

My Anti-Virus (CA EzArmor/Zone Alarm), Spybot and Ad Aware report no malware and GRC "Shields Up" reports "Very secure" with no ports probed. The wireless network has a 128 bit WEP key. I have done two re-installs of Netgear firmware. The system works very well when "directly" connected to the BT Voyager 105 BBand modem running at (allegedly!) 2Mb.

TIA David

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