NEWS: US company offers Wi-Fi-proof paint

An American company says it has successfully tested wireless-blocking paint. EM-SEC Technologies, in a release last week, said its "Coating Solution", applied to a test facility, had successfully protected "wireless devices and other electronic equipment".

According to the company, "a one-time application of the coating creates an 'electromagnetic fortress' by preventing airborne hackers from intercepting signals". EM-SEC reckon this would be useful for corporate offices, boardrooms, server and computer rooms, and R&D labs. It seems that wireless nets can be operated without trouble inside a painted building or room.


Of course, most black hats in the commercial world aren't in this league, and indeed it could be said that many corporate Wi-Fi users might do better to enable their built-in encryption than redecorate the office with radio-proof paint. Especially if they want to use their mobile phones, or look out of the window now and then.


Still, products like this seem bound to find a wide market. Cinemas or theatres might use such tech to cut off mobile phones, avoiding the legal issues around jamming.

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John Navas
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You, of course, are an authority on just about everything wireless. Not kidding. But, I have personally spotted leaks in screen-rooms. The paint would need to be the right thickness etc., depending on frequency..As for Spectrum Analyzers, some as I'm sure you're aware have special memory and other useful functions..I've had mainly problems with female police officers who will sit and watch puzzled and then decide to see if they could catch a "criminal." I wonder how many of the stick-on cell-phone range extenders were sold.. Regards

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Of course. First we had wi-fi blocking wall paper. Now we have wi-fi blocking paint. We already have foil backed insulation. Soon, we'll have wi-fi blocking drywall, wallboard, paneling, ceiling tiles, rugs, and wall hangings.

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Jeff Liebermann

Judging from the posts of guys that can't get a signal into the next room, you'd think we already have it. [snicker]

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